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How To Identify A Cockroach Infestation In Your Memphis Home


With how busy life keeps us these days, it can be difficult to notice the subtle warning signs of pests like cockroaches in our homes. Dependable pest control for your Memphis home can help lighten that mental load for you, but cockroaches spread diseases everywhere they go, so it's always best to stay informed with a dangerous pest like this. We'll tell you everything you need to know about the signs of a cockroach infestation and the best way to kill cockroaches.

Common Species Of Cockroaches In Memphis

Despite the thousands of species of cockroaches worldwide, only a small fraction of them can survive and even thrive in domestic environments. For Memphis residents, those species are narrowed down to three different types of cockroaches:

  • German cockroach – ½ to 5/8 of an inch long, light brown with two dark lines directly behind the head, wings that extend the length of the abdomen
  • American cockroach – up to two inches long, reddish-brown with a yellow circle behind the head, wings that extend the length of the abdomen
  • Brown-banded cockroach – roughly ½ of an inch long, dark brown in color with yellowish-tan bands around the wings and abdomen, wings that extend the length of the abdomen

If You See One Cockroach, Does That Mean There Are More?

Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures nesting within dark, cozy spots during daylight hours. Seeing them out and about during the day usually means an infestation is at its max capacity. This means stragglers are getting pushed out of hiding because of the sheer magnitude of the population. It's extremely rare to catch a single cockroach without there being a horde in hiding – not impossible, but unlikely.

Four Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Memphis Home

It's easy to write off the beginning signs of a cockroach infestation as everyday household dirt, especially if you're too busy to take a closer look. Our pest technicians at Mid-South Pest & Termite can help to point out the evidence of cockroaches in your Memphis home while they're performing their inspection, but it's not a bad idea to get all of your facts before calling for help:

  • Excrement and brown smears – technically, they're both the same thing, but brown smears indicate a pretty big moisture problem. Different types of cockroaches will leave behind different fecal matter, but it usually looks like small piles of ground pepper or rice-shaped brown pellets.
  • Egg casings tend to look like small reddish-brown beans, but they can contain between 16 to 50 eggs each.
  • Shed skin – cockroach nymphs molt and grow up to six times before reaching maturity. Shed skins are a sign of a fairly sizable infestation that's been allowed to grow since they've had enough time to lay eggs that have hatched.
  • Foul, musty odor – a large enough infestation will produce an odor that permeates the entire house. This odor comes from pheromones in their excrement, which they use to communicate to other cockroaches in the vicinity.

Get Rid Of Cockroaches With Residential Pest Control

Cockroaches spread diseases such as gastroenteritis, dysentery, leprosy, and salmonella, so you don't want to try to handle this one on your own. The best way to kill cockroaches in Memphis is with reliable pest control services, and you won't find a more reliable company than Mid-South Pest & Termite. We use high-quality and environmentally-friendly pest control products in our treatments, so you won't have to trade a dangerous pest infestation for dangerous chemicals! We believe everyone deserves to enjoy a pest-free home, which is why all of our treatments come with our pest-free guarantee. So get in contact with us today if you're ready to say goodbye to cockroaches!