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The Secret To Effective Rodent Control In Memphis


Rodents are all too comfortable in the Volunteer State. Want to learn how to get rid of rodents? Different types of rodents live in Memphis, and  Mid-South Pest & Termite is the pest control professional to call when needing help with rodents in Tennessee. Whether homeowners are dealing with yard rodents or common rodents who have infested the home, it’s time to find a solution.

Types Of Rodents In Memphis

Tennessee is, unfortunately, where several types of rodents choose to live and reproduce. When these nasty creatures invade human homes, businesses, and schools, it can be more than just a nuisance - it can be dangerous.


The deer mouse and house mouse are two kinds of mice that Memphis homeowners may find on their properties. Both mammals are small with ivory-colored bellies and have black eyes. The deer mouse is predominantly brown, while the fur of a house mouse is typically gray. Although seemingly less daunting than rats, these two types of critters can be troublesome.


The Norway rat and the roof rat can invade areas of Memphis. While both types of rats may exhibit coloring in brown, gray, and black, the colors of the roof rat tend to be heavily focused on shades of gray, making it sometimes seem charcoal-colored from afar. The Norway rat is larger than the roof rat, but each species can cause problems.

Are Squirrels Rodents?

Wondering about these gray and brown bushy-tailed yard rodents? Yes, squirrels are classified as rodents even though they may not turn people off as rats and mice do.

The Problems With Rodents In Tennessee

These annoying creatures seem to find their way into any place where humans can be found spending lengthy amounts of time. Rodents want what people have: shelter, food, and water. Who can blame them? If humans offer these pests what they need, they don’t have to work so hard foraging for such needs and compete against other animals. Rodents have an extensive history of piggybacking on the efforts of two-legged creatures to meet basic needs. Experience has shown these fuzzy pests it pays to be dependent on those who are flush with resources.

A considerable problem with common rodents is that they are masters of compression; they can take a look at a teeny opening and somehow figure out a way to get through it. A rat can squeeze itself through holes as small as a quarter, while some mice can use a pencil-sized gap to gain entry.

Rodent Removal For The Long Haul

Prevent a future rodent infestation by taking a proactive approach:

  • Keep things tidy. Stay on crumb control and clean the home frequently—store food in tightly sealed containers instead of original packages. 

  • Prevent entry. Use caulk to seal up any cracks or fractures that rodents could use to get inside.

  • Secure ongoing professional pest visits. A pest control professional offers recurring appointments to maintain a rodent-free home.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents In Memphis

Once rodents make it inside a home, they can find the place so cozy that they begin having babies; once this happens regularly, an infestation is imminent. A rodent infestation means there could be dozens of these pests within the walls, the attic, and any other holes throughout the property.

Getting rid of rodents in Memphis can become extremely difficult once there is an infestation because of the sheer amount of pests. It’s not so hard to trap one rat, but a houseful of them is a different story. The safest and most effective way to deter rodents is to contact the Mid-South Pest & Termite experts. Our helpful team offers various plans to suit our clients’ needs; we have sent pests packing for more than 50 years.

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