A Handy Guide To Effective Rodent Control For Memphis Property Owners

November 13, 2020

There are some rodents that make cute companions to your family. Hamster, anyone? But some rodents are dangerous when they show up to your home uninvited. Let’s take a look at some of the problems rodents can cause and some important steps you can take to prevent an unwanted rodent guest.

a mouse crawling into a house through the foundation

Rodents In The Memphis Area

In Memphis, homeowners might encounter rats or mice. You probably won’t have both rats and mice, but you could easily end up with one or the other. Mice are the smaller rodents. They are usually grey or light brown with cream underbellies. They have long tails and large, round ears. Rats are a bit larger. In Memphis you might see roof rats, also called black rats, or Norway rats also called brown rats. They have hairless tails and their ears are smaller in proportion to their bodies than mice.

The Problem With Rodents

Rodents are a dangerous pest because of the diseases they carry. Rodents have been linked to diseases such as salmonellosis and tularemia, and they’re partially responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague. One of the reasons rodents are so dangerous is because these diseases can be spread even through fecal matter and urine. They can also be spread through direct contact (rats have known to become aggressive and may bite) or through contaminated food sources.

In addition, rodents need to gnaw constantly, so a rodent infestation could lead to damaged belongings and gnaw marks on furniture or even in doorways or crawl spaces. In worse-case scenarios, rodents can chew through wires and may cause electrical fires. Might be time to call the experts at Mid South Pest & Termite, LLC for an inspection today!

Difficulties Of Rodent Control

Why is it so hard to control rodents? Here are a few reasons:

  • Rodents can get inside through tiny spaces, even holes as small as a quarter. Roof rats are excellent climbers and may climb trees and come inside through the chimney. Norway rats are good swimmers and have been known to swim up through pipes to get into your home.

  • Rodents are good at hiding. Rodents make nests in secluded areas where they aren’t likely to be disturbed. They may be living inside your walls, behind storage boxes, or even inside furniture. It’s hard to get rid of rodents if you don’t know where they are hiding.

  • Rodents have a lot of babies. A rodent infestation can grow quickly as both rats and mice can have many large litters throughout their life. Even if you’ve only seen one rodent in the kitchen, chances are there are much more hiding nearby.

  • Rodents are smart. Although traps may reduce the number of rodents in your home, it isn’t likely to solve the problem entirely. This is partly because rodents are intelligent and cautious pests. They may learn how to avoid traps.

  • Rodent removal is dangerous. Even when you do catch a rodent or find a nest, removal can be dangerous since even rodent cleanup can spread disease. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk by attempting to handle a rodent infestation alone.

Total Rodent Protection

Instead of a DIY ( do it yourself) rodent control approach, we suggest letting the professionals at Mid South Pest & Termite, LLC deal with your rodent infestation. We have the tools, the expertise, and the experience to successfully handle any rodent. We’ll keep your family safe from disease while helping you avoid interaction with these difficult pests. Call now for more information!

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