Evicting House Spiders From Your Memphis House  

October 15, 2019

Have you ever seen a house spider in your Memphis home? There is a good chance you have. As their name suggests, houses are where you are most likely to find house spiders. These spiders can be identified by their yellowish-brown bodies, off-white colored abdomens, and dark stripes that meet at an angle to form a chevron-like pattern.

a house spider crawling along the livingroom walls inside of a memphis tennesee home

Where Can House Spiders Be Found?

Most commonly, house spiders can be found in dark, quiet areas around the home. Because of their hunting style, house spiders can typically be found on the ground and not in a web built up high. Some of their most popular hangouts include closets, basements, crawlspaces, and attics.

Are House Spiders Dangerous?

Unlike some of their close cousins, the house spider does not have venom potent enough to pack a punch. They can bite, but they only do so when they feel threatened or trapped. The only real threat these spiders pose is to your mental state, if seeing them elicits a fear response.

What Attracts House Spiders To Homes?

House spiders are attracted to homes by things that aid in their survival, things such as food, shelter, and water. What do these things look like?

  • Food: For a house spider, food consists of other insects. The more insect invaders you have flying or crawling around your home, the more enticing it will be for potential spider invaders.
  • Shelter: As we briefly discussed earlier, house spiders like locations where they can easily hide and hunt for food. The more clutter the better as they are able to use the mess to stay out of sight and hunt for their prey from the shadows.
  • Water: Although spiders don’t need much water to survive, they still need a little. If you have areas of your home that are particularly humid, or some pipes that are leaking, a house spider has all the moisture it needs.

These attractants combined with easy ways in, such as through cracks or crevices in the exterior structure of your home, or tears in your window or door screens, and you can be sure spiders will invade.

What To Do When Spiders Get Inside

Despite their name, house spiders do not belong inside homes. If you are looking for a way to get and keep your home spider-free, the professionals here at Mid South Pest & Termite, LLC have a solution for you. With our general pest control programs, you will not only get detailed coverage for house spiders trying to invade your Memphis home but also for the insects they invade for.

Want to learn more about house spiders, or are you looking to schedule treatment for your home? Reach out to us today.

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