Identifying Bed Bug Problems In Your Arlington Home

February 17, 2020

Bed bugs may be tiny and difficult to see with the naked eye, but they’re not invisible. These small pests have an oval-shaped body about the size of an apple seed. They have a brownish-red coloring, and their bodies flatten from top to bottom. They have an elongated mouth (called a proboscis) that sucks on their host’s blood. Their favorite source of food is human blood, and these parasitic pests sneak up on us in the middle of the night while we are asleep. When they finish feeding, their appearance changes; they swell up in size, get longer, and turn a deep reddish-purple color.

a bed bug crawling on fabric

One of the most concerning aspects of having bed bugs is how quickly they spread and how easily they can go undetected for long periods. They like to make themselves comfortable in soft, dark areas like mattresses, closets, carpets, and furniture. They are skilled hiders and go unnoticed in tight crevices and cracks during the day until it’s time to feed at night.

So, How Do You Know If A Bed Bug Has Bitten You?

Once bed bugs emerge at night, they bite wherever they find exposed skin. They take between three and ten minutes to feed and leave their hosts with a line of small, red bumps. These bites can grow into large, itchy welts that, if scratched too much, may lead to a secondary infection. While they may not spread bacteria or diseases, bed bugs can cause immense discomfort and may even lead to anemia due to too much blood loss.

How Can You Tell If You Have Bed Bugs?

Discovering a line of itchy red bites on your skin can be one of the very first indications of a large infestation. Bed bugs initially infest sleeping areas first, so something to look out for is any bloodstains on the sheets or pillowcases. You may also find dark, rusty spots of bed bug excrement on the sheets, mattresses, walls, or even your clothing. Aside from fecal spots, you may also find shed skins or eggshells, not to mention the musty odor bed bugs give off from their scent glands.

Bed bug activity is more prevalent wherever there is an increased level of human activity, but that doesn’t mean your small family home is immune from an infestation. These parasitic intruders often catch a ride into your home on visitors or deliveries. Someone may have picked them up while traveling; perhaps someone who stayed at the hotel before they came to your home or maybe a passenger on your flight had them, and they hopped onto you.

Once inside your house, bed bugs use their flattened bodies to fit into tiny hiding spaces. They live in groups and usually try to find someplace with easy access to people, so they don’t have a long commute for their nightly feeding. Over time, however, bed bugs scatter to other rooms in the house. They find cracks and crevices in protected locations including but not limited to:

  • Mattresses

  • Box Springs

  • Bed Frames

  • Headboards

  • Walls

  • Wall Voids

  • Floors

  • Furniture

  • Electronics

  • Keyboards

  • Switch plates

  • Outlets

  • Wood moulding

So remember, if you wake up with a line of itchy red bumps that you didn’t have when you went to sleep, it’s time to do a little investigating. You’ll want to remove all your bedding, check it thoroughly, and also scan the area around the bed, the closet, the edges of the carpet, inside books, and even electrical outlets. Once these little parasites spread, there’s no telling where else they may be hiding.

Attempting to get rid of bed bugs on your own can be exhaustive. Save yourself the time and aggravation and call in professionals to take care of it for you. Here at Mid South Pest & Termite, LLC, we are familiar with the habits and life cycles of invasive pests like bed bugs and experienced in ridding residential or commercial properties of them once and for all.

We utilize safe products and environmentally friendly methods that kill off adult bed bugs and target eggs and larvae to prevent the infestation from spreading any further. We proudly serve the greater communities of Memphis, Northern Mississippi, and Eastern Arkansas, providing exceptional bed bug control services year-round. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We'll be looking forward to your call.

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