What Everyone In Memphis Should Know About Termite Season

March 15, 2021

People always say that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. While that may be true in regards to how your spouse actually looks in that new outfit or how talented your child actually is at playing the trombone, this saying rarely applies to pest control. In fact, what you don’t know about termites really can hurt your home (and your bank account).

termites chewing wood

The Truth About Termites

People talk about termite season as if that’s the only time you’ll ever have a problem. However, termites are a year-round pest. The term “termite season” simply means that warm summer months provide their ideal mating conditions, so new colonies typically form during the spring or summer. Unfortunately, though, worker termites will constantly eat away at the wooden parts of your home’s foundation, regardless of the weather.
Since people aren’t aware of the worker termites under their house or within their walls, infestations can last months on end, which is why the damage can be so severe. A subterranean termite infestation, which is the most efficient form, can do more than $3,000’ worth of damage to your house in 12 to 18 months, while a drywood termite infestation will do similar damage in two years’ time.
While you might not see worker termites, you might see the winged termites which are in charge of recolonization in the summer months. Known as “swarmers,” these termites are released from a mature colony as a swarm but quickly pair off and go separate ways. If you see a termite swarm, you either already have a termite problem, or you probably will very soon. Other signs of a termite infestation include:

  • Mud tubes on outdoor walls near the ground (if subterranean termites)

  • Frass (sawdust) buildup along baseboards (if drywood termites)

  • Tightening of doors and windows

  • Noticeable wood damage

  • Clicking noises in the walls

If you see any of these signs on your property, you need to seek professional treatment methods. No matter what the Internet tells you, there is nothing you can do on your own to eradicate an existing termite infestation entirely.

Avoiding Expensive Infestations

While it can be tough to get rid of termites once they’re on your property, there are still some ways you can avoid a termite infestation in the first place. For instance, since subterranean termite swarmers are searching for homes with damp, rotting wood that has been damaged by moisture buildup, controlling the moisture issues on your property can limit your chances of an infestation.

  • Gutters and downspouts: utilizing these roof features to expel rain runoff from buildings up near the side of the house can limit the potential for wood rot in the foundation.

  • Dehumidifiers: basements and crawlspaces typically are the areas of highest condensation, poorest ventilation, and most exposed parts of the foundation in your home. Limiting humidity in these areas can save your foundation from rotting over time.

  • Monitoring pipes: if your pipes are leaking, even a small amount, this water can easily lead to wood rot over time. Make sure to check your pipes regularly for small leaks.

  • Lawncare: by maintaining the lawn regularly, you can allow moisture to distribute evenly throughout the soil, which will limit your chances of incurring a subterranean termite infestation.

     Other ways that you can limit your chances of an infestation include storing firewood away from the home and creating a buffer between your yard and the house. Typically, 12 to 18 inches of gravel, pine straw, or rubber mulch can prohibit termites from crawling into your home’s foundation.
  • While these measures may help limit your chances, there are no guaranteed termite prevention methods aside from professional termite control. That’s why the best form of termite protection comes from professional assistance. Call Mid South Pest & Termite, LLC today to find out how to keep your home safe from termites for good.

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