Why You Can't Get Rid Of Termites In Germantown By Yourself  

March 16, 2020

Creaky floorboards, bubbling wallpaper, buckling walls, drooping ceiling, and mud tunnels. Either your house is haunted by some oddly vengeful ghost, or, as you’ve probably figured out, you have a termite problem.

termites digging a tunnel though a wooden structure

Termites are a common pest throughout the United States, and Germantown is no exception. Due to our humid weather and ample water runoff, termites are more than happy to make themselves at home on our properties. If you’ve identified a termite infestation in your home, chances are you’ve already tried some of the home remedies found on the internet.

However, in spite of the promises these home remedies make, we can say with full authority that they just don't work. Today, we're going to debunk some common DIY methods for getting rid of termites, provide you with some tips for preventing termite infestations, and supply you with a professional solution that works.

DIY Solutions, or DIY Problems?

Searching for a termite solution, you’ll quickly find suggestions such as vinegar, orange oil, boric acid, nematodes, etc. While these chemicals and organisms do indeed kill termites, they don’t fix your termite problem. Why? These solutions kill termites on contact, but in order for them to stop an infestation, each individual termite will have to touch these poisons. Furthermore, there's no guarantee that these poisons will infiltrate the colony and reach the queen.

Simply put, these seemingly easy remedies to a complex problem simply wont work. First, your termites have probably been in your home for a while. If you’re noticing signs of termite decay, that means they’ve been in your house for months or even years. They’re burrowed pretty deep, to the point that pouring a gas or liquid down some holes won’t affect the majority of the population.

Second, the termites you will likely disturb are only the worker termites – the ones eating your house and collecting food for the colony. The termites that reproduce and create more workers are somewhere deeper within the colony, protected by the soldier termites. In fact, these termites are likely underground living safely out of reach from any topical poison you may administer. So while home remedies may kill a few workers, they’re not getting anywhere close to the heart of the colony. As you waste money on cheap solutions, your termite problem is probably worsening.

Termite Prevention Tips

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Termites happen to a lot of people in the Memphis area, but their houses are still standing, right? In order to prevent infestations from occurring, there are some basic maintenance tips you can exercise in your home and on your property:

  • Secure any organic material in your home that could come into contact with the mites. 

  • Spray nontoxic wood sprays around the perimeter of your property to deter termites from entering your home.

  • Fill in any cracks where your home’s foundation meets the ground to keep insects out.

  • Most effectively, yearly maintenance from a licensed exterminator can maintain your bug-free property.

When Termites Attack

However, once the termites are there, DIY solutions won’t help much. Unless you’re an experienced exterminator, termites are tricky, evasive, and smart. Don’t waste any more time or money on surface level solutions – your house is begging you. Contact a professional from Germantown's own Mid South Pest and Termite.

Our licensed and experienced technicians know how to handle infestations before they ruin your property. With decades of experience serving Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas, our pet-safe and environmentally friendly pest solutions have you covered. Learn more about our process, and secure your home today.

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