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house mouse crawling inside a home at night

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Memphis, TN Home

November 15, 2021

Unless you like being vulnerable to disease and leaving your home susceptible to damage, you probably want to keep mice away from your Memphis property. When mice are around, bad things happen. Before you have a huge infestation or experience first-hand the effects of an infestation, find out what you should do to keep mice in Memphis away.... Read More

up close image of a brown recluse spider crawling in grass

Are Brown Recluse Spiders In Memphis, TN Dangerous?

October 15, 2021

Brown recluse spiders (Loxosceles reclusa) are widely feared due to their venomous bites. However, this spider is not aggressive and prefers to hide, and most bites are caused by physical injury to the spider, I.e., rolling over on the spider or putting on a shirt the recluse is hiding in. ... Read More

up close image of a dog tick crawling on picnicware

How To Keep Ticks Away From Your Memphis, TN Property

September 17, 2021

Do you play the lottery or gamble in any way? If so, you know how small of a chance there is that you could win money. This does not stop you, however. Why? Because the chance is always there, and that is what matters most. The same is true about ticks but in a more negative way. Every time a tick bites you, there is a minute chance that you will get very sick.... Read More

an up close image of a german cockroaches face

How To Get Rid Of German Cockroaches In Memphis, TN Homes

August 13, 2021

Everyone knows cockroaches pose a huge problem for home and business owners the world over, but not many people know that German cockroaches are among the worst species you can get. These tiny roaches breed at warp speed, are tough as nails, and can turn just about anything into a hiding spot. ... Read More

termite control services in memphis tennessee

How To Tell If Your Memphis Property Has A Termite Problem 

July 15, 2021

 Preventing Termites Termite workers are soft-bodied and need moisture or risk becoming dehydrated and dying. This is why they build mud tubes up foundation walls. You can do things to make it harder for them to reach the wood in your home. Move firewood and lumber away from the house and stack them on racks so they do not touch the soil directly.    ... Read More

a mosquito in a memphis backyard

The Secret To Effective Mosquito Control In Memphis 

June 15, 2021

Mosquito, meaning “little fly,” is also synonymous with pest.  Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous insects in the world. With approximately 3,500 species of mosquitoes globally, there are only about 176 species found in the United States. Learn more about the most common species in Memphis, Tennessee.... Read More

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