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Located in the southwestern corner of Tennessee, Tipton County encompasses communities like Munford, Drummonds, Covington, and Garland. With its easy access to Memphis, many individuals and families move to Tipton County for the ability to be in the city quickly, while also having a small-town feel. And nature is never too far away when you live in Tipton County, with the Mississippi River and Lower Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge. Unfortunately, pest problems are waiting in the wings, which can leave property owners with significant issues.

At Mid-South Pest & Termite, we work to address these issues with full force. Our Tipton County pest control is uncompromising in our commitment to yielding long-lasting results and focuses on finding environmentally-friendly answers. To learn more about our offerings and receive your free estimate, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Tipton County

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At Mid-South Pest & Termite, we understand how stressful handling pest problems can be, which is why we’re dedicated to bringing homeowners the most reliable pest control solutions around. Since 1964, we’ve been servicing local homes, but we never take anything for granted. Our team is up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices in order to always bring our customers the very best services. Our process begins with a free inspection of your entire property in order to understand current pest problems and any areas where they could potentially develop. From there, we customize an eco-friendly treatment plan that will be safe for the entire household while also being tough on pests. Whether you require routine maintenance or desire only a one-time service, we stand by our work. To learn more about our residential pest control programs, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Tipton County 

Pest problems can be dangerous and damaging when they take place in your Tipton County business, but they don’t have to be. At Mid-South Pest & Termite, we’ve been working with local businesses for more than 50 years to create and implement pest control programs that are tailored to their unique needs. With technicians that are background checked and knowledgeable, we’re able to address any problem that comes your way. Some examples of our commercial work include bed bug treatments for hotels and termite care for restaurants. We turn to Integrated Pest Management to not only remove pest problems but to keep them from coming back, which is invaluable for your business. For more information on our commercial pest control plans, contact us today. 

Six Practical Ant Control Tips For Tipton County Property Owners 

Ant problems can become a problem for Tipton County property owners at any point throughout the year, but there are ways to prevent ant problems in the first place. Try these six practical tips for keeping ants at bay:

  • Ensure that there are no openings around the property by fitting weatherstripping in the gaps around doors, replacing worn window screens, and tending to cracks with caulk.

  • Aim for overall cleanliness, paying attention to crumbs and spills of sweet foods. Ants may mistake shampoo and soaps for food, so clean up after these as well.

  • Always keep food covered, even when it’s in the refrigerator.

  • Check for leaky pipes, downspouts, and faucets routinely and fix any issues that may present themselves. It’s also important to always make sure that sinks, showers, and bathtub handles are fully turned off after use.

  • Take out the trash on a regular basis and inspect bins for food residue between uses, cleaning out any grime that may be appealing to ants.

  • Contact a local pest control company for year-round protection from ants.

For ant control that works, contact Mid-South Pest & Termite today. 

Bed Bug Detection And Elimination Options For Tipton County Residents 

As parasites, bed bugs make their way inside Tipton County homes in some very furtive ways. They’re likely to attach themselves to used couches, mattresses, and other upholstery, but individuals may also find bed bugs on their personal items after traveling, going to the movies, or simply eating at a restaurant. Because bed bugs are active primarily at night, many people may never see them, but in order to effectively address an infestation, knowing the signs of their presence is key. Some of the signs of a bed bug problem include:

  • Waking up covered in itchy, red bumps

  • Red staining on sheets and bed linens

  • Spotting eggs, eggshells, and nymphs

  • A sweet, mildew-like odor

  • Seeing bed bugs themselves

When it comes to eliminating a bed bug infestation, the most reliable answer is professional bed bug removal from Mid-South Pest & Termite. These issues are usually far more extensive than they appear on the surface and with professional, guaranteed work, our team is able to fully remove them without fear that they’ll return. For more information on removing bed bug problems, contact us today. 


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